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Monthly Archives: June 2018

Paris blockbuster Modern art collection extended

French billionaire Bernard Arnault’s Fondation Louis Vuitton has announced that it is extending its blockbuster exhibition in Paris of Impressionist and Modernist masterpieces collected by the pre-revolutionary Russian arts patron Sergei Shchukin. Icons of Modern Art, which opened to the public on 22 October and was initially scheduled to run through 20 February, will remain on view until 5 March. The opening hours will also be extended in the final week from 7am to 11pm.

Featuring 130 works by artists such as Picasso, Matisse and Gauguin, the show has already drawn over 600,000 visitors, the foundation said in a press release on 9 January. The display brings Shchukin’s collection together for the first time since it was seized by the Soviet state after the Bolshevik Revolution and ultimately divided between the State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow and the State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg.

Shchukin’s French grandson, André-MarcDelocque Fourcaud, worked for years to organise an exhibition of the collection and finally succeeded with the backing of Arnault, the chief executive of the luxury firm LVMH. Putin did not attend the show’s opening after Russia’s international relations deteriorated due to events in Syria, but he thanked the luxury goods titan and art collector personally at the Kremlin on 24 November. A photograph of their meeting was posted on the Kremlin’s website, which stated that the “president expressed gratitude to Mr Arnault” for organising the exhibition.

Career of Arts Education

An Arts Education Coordinator works full or part-time in an art institution such as an art gallery, art museum, or experimental art center.

The main objective of working as an Arts Education Coordinator is to coordinate and assist with educational programs and interactive encounters between visitors and the art and artists.

Education Needed to Be an Arts Education Coordinator

To be hired as an Arts Education Coordinator, it is typically required to have a Bachelor’s degree with having studied subjects such as art, communications, education and marketing.

Duties Required to Be an Arts Education Coordinator

An Arts Education Coordinator acts as the institution’s advocate and administrator to the art institution’s staff, by supporting exhibitions and events, educational outreach and community programs, and working with the wide range of the art institution’s visitors of all age groups.

The administrative Arts Education Coordinator focuses on specific areas pertaining to the operation of various programs, and includes promoting activities and events, scheduling, and maintaining the various gallery spaces.

An Arts Education Coordinator works closely with the art institution’s departments such as: Collections, Education, Exhibition, Marketing and Visitor Services, and also with artists and the community.

An Arts Education Coordinator helps make art accessible to visitors and helps to make visitors feel welcome when exposed to new art and ideas for the first time. As a result, having a friendly and accepting attitude to visitors is extremely important, as guiding and introducing visitors to interactive artworks and providing them with a positive experience is key.

In addition to guiding the audience, an Arts Education Coordinator manages visitor flow, and safety rules and policies, and makes sure the necessary supplies are stocked in the gallery for visitor usage.

Maintenance logistics is part of the job and includes taking care of the lighting, repairs, cleaning and set-up, volunteers and staff. Coordinating all the schedules of staff, volunteers, and interns, the Coordinator may also be in charge of the main calendar for all events and programs.

An Arts Education Coordinator is in charge of the marketing and updates the website, calendar listings, promotional materials, and social media. Analyzing and collecting data in order to update databases, document statistics, attendance, and budgets is a big part of the job.

Skills Required to Be an Arts Education Coordinator

Besides being highly organized and a multi-tasker, an Arts Education Coordinator speaks and writes well and has good technological and computer skills. Other skills include a strong knowledge of museums and marketing, and how to work with diverse groups of visitors ranging from small children to adults.

Career Opportunities for Arts Education Coordinators

There are jobs in museums available for Arts Education Coordinators. According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, overall employment of museum staff is “projected to grow 11 percent from 2012 to 2022, about as fast as the average for all occupations.”

The Bureau does not post specific statistics for Museum Rentals Manager jobs, but the available managerial jobs would just be a small portion of the amount the BLS posts on their site.