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Ideas on How to Reveal the Baby’s Gender on a Party

The latest trend on giving gifts for babies which usually happen before the child is born in a gender reveal party.

We are not speaking about cheeky sales parties. This latest trend is made for parties where the baby’s gender is made known to relatives and friends.

It actually works like this: The soon-to-be parents go to their maternity doctor for the monthly evaluation of the baby which can be seen through the utilization of an ultrasound machine. This is the time where parents have a choice of knowing whether they will be expecting a baby boy or a baby girl.

An envelope preparing a big surprise for the parents would soon be handed down to them containing an image of the private part of the baby showing what gender the baby has.

It is now time for the gender reveal party! This will be one of the most unforgettable parties that the parent-s to-be will have where they will be able to learn about the gender of their most precious one. Sweets should be enough to keep the parents guessing on what the baby’s gender is and this is to be prepared by the hostess who already knows the gender of the baby.

She begins with cupcakes of different colors. This will most likely keep them assuming. The mixture should not break down when it is already baked that is why sunflower oil must be put together with all the other dry ingredients. Prior to adding the icing with different colors on the cupcakes, the lady in charge of the party will fill the cupcakes first with blue or pink jellies to add excitement on the sweets. Prior to dividing it into two, the hostess will make a butter frosting. Then a blue coloring shall be added into one group and a coloring to the other group which will enable the butter frosting to turn pink. It will be the central cake who will announce if it is a boy or a girl. This shall be the much awaited and heart wrenching part of the baby party.

The hostess make use of the same recipe which is applied to the cupcakes but puts a little more of the melted chocolates to enhance the sweetness and dominance of the taste. The components are placed together with the sunflower oil to refrain the batter from affixing itself in the pan. To acquire a corrugated shape for the cake, the host of ceremony must apply silicone jelly mildew on the cake.

The mildew that was brunched with sunflower oil is then taken away from the baked cake. The base shall be portioned out to enable the hostess to fill the center with the correct color smarties. For the final touch, she will need to close the center and put on different colored frosting.

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